Assistance League® of Irvine College Scholarship Endowment

Assistance League Irvine has established scholarships to Irvine Valley College using proceeds from Assistance League Irvine’s Thrift & Gift Shop income together with a $10,000 endowment called Assistance League Irvine Scholarship Endowment. Budgeted income and interest earned on the endowment principal balance, provide funds for scholarships which are awarded each year to deserving students at Irvine Valley College.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Low income parent, re-entry student or graduated high school student who lives in Irvine or attended an Irvine high school
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Student currently attending Irvine Valley College or enrolled to attend the next semester

“We want to encourage single parents to earn a college degree, an achievement that will pay lifelong dividends,” said Gayle Luciano, Scholarship Committee Chairman. “Without a college degree, many of these individuals would never be considered by employers for higher-paying jobs.”

“Establishing this endowment is very exciting and a great way to promote higher education in our local community,” said Michelle Tuchman, past President.  “Anytime we can encourage someone to pursue a college degree, it’s a good thing.”

This year, Assistance League Irvine will award $33,500 to deserving students attending Irvine Valley or Saddleback College.

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