The Creative Educators Award for is a grant given to teachers or counselors benefiting their students and was created to enhance school curriculum.

We are among the top 100 business partners supporting the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF).  Through the IPSF grants program, our funds help support innovative approaches and projects for teachers and counselors in the Irvine Unified School District.  Below are three proposals we recently have supported:

  • Cadence Park School – Ruthy Fong Loi, Jessica Hopkins, Laurent Sipelis – “Plant it for the Planet” – Utilizes gardening to enhance instruction and student learning opportunities in a variety of school subjects
  • University Park Elementary School – Carrie Finley Bajak – “Full STEAM Ahead” – incorporates robotic devices to support coding programs offered through the school’s innovative lab
  • Sierra Vista Middle School – Henry Miller  “Giving Bach” string orchestra – provides students the opportunity to share their musical talents with challenged students and others who do not have the opportunity to hear live music.
  • Northwood High School Hope Squadprovides a researched Suicide Prevention program, focused on peer counseling and appropriate referral to trained individuals to reduce suicide. Including a campus wide plan to educate students about stress responses and coping strategies and support given the impact of Emergency Distance Learning, Virtual Learning, COVID-19 and the impact of the recent fires. 

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