An Overview of All Our Philanthropic Programs


Assistance League of Irvine’s largest philanthropy is Operation School Bell, a free, confidential clothing service for children in need. Since the program began in June 1990, more than 12,000 students in the Irvine Unified School District have been served. Assistance League of Irvine works closely with teachers, school nurses and principals who identify children who would benefit from these services. Additionally, we collaborate with Families Forward and Human Options.

“I don’t get new clothes very often and when I do I feel awesome!”


Creative Educators Award is a funding program, through the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, which provides grants to Irvine teachers for projects to benefit their schools and students. Grant programs are selected each year for funding. Assistance League of Irvine participates as a co-sponsor of this Irvine program.


Family Emergency Support program assists local victims of domestic abuse who find themselves at the Human Options shelter with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. Household items and other goods are also provided when families transition out of the shelter into independent living arrangements.


The District Honors Art Show is held in April or May by the Irvine Unified School District. The Art to be displayed is selected by the District’s classroom teachers and art specialists. 

Highlighting the show is Festivities Day, where our honored artists, their families, friends and community leaders partake in an Art Show.

IMG_2833“Thank you all so much for the amazing experience, we all really enjoyed it.”


Assistance League of Irvine established a Vision Care program in 2014 to underwrite the expense of new glasses for income-qualified students attending Irvine Unified School District campuses. We work with Irvine optometrist Dr. Bryant Vo from Parkview Optometry, who performs the eye exams.

If corrective lenses are prescribed, a student can select his or her frame of choice from a wide variety of contemporary styles. Typically within 10 working days, a student’s family is notified that the glasses are ready for a final fitting and pick up.


Share the Wealth of Giving program increases our return to the community by distributing excess and unusable donated items to other local non-profit agencies with 501(c)(3) status, or entities otherwise pre-approved for such donations (e.g., Working Wardrobes, Clothing the Homeless), and are not to be sold for a profit.


The Assistance League of Irvine – Irvine Valley College Scholarship Program was established in 2007 with a $10,000 endowment and a strong belief in the benefits of earning a college degree, along with our desire to promote higher education in our community. From the interest earned on the principal balance, along with additional philanthropic-program funds designated by the Chapter, scholarships are awarded each year to deserving students attending Irvine Valley College.

In 2014, Assistance League Irvine established a new philanthropic program which provides needs based scholarships for qualified Irvine Unified School District graduating seniors planning to attend Irvine Valley College. To date, more than $137,000 in scholarships has been awarded. This program is continuing with a minimum of $10,000 in scholarships available to IUSD graduating seniors.

The deadline for the 2024-25 applications begins February 25 and ends Friday, March 22.  Awards will be announced in early May.



High school students get to experience life as an undergraduate arts major, in which they receive practical and technical instruction in small classes taught by graduate instructors, professionals in the field, and Claire Trevor School of the Arts faculty. With rigorous college-level coursework, the option to receive university credit, and social and professional networking, this immersive summer experience is the perfect place for learning and development in a fun, challenging environment!


Challenged teens and adults are given on-site training at Assistance League of Irvine Thrift & Gift Shop during regular business hours.