Cookie Connection

Cookies are a great surprise for friends or family and a sweet way to say “thank you.”
Ordering for the February bake is now closed. Please visit again later to order for April 21. Attachment

Click the cookie to order online or download a form.

Please Note: Please be aware that our cookie ordering system is new and the bugs are still being worked out. Please be patient.
Detailed ordering instructions: To print, click here
1. Select options: Use the drop down arrows to select delivery date and order size for your first order.
2. In the message box, include the recipient’s name, your message, and your name. (For example: “Betty Smith: Thanks for your help. Jane Doe”). Then hit “Add to Cart”. Do this for each order you wish to place.
3. When you’ve finished entering your orders, hit “View Cart” and “Proceed to Checkout”.
4. If you are placing only one order, hit “Deliver to different address”. If you are placing multiple orders, hit “Set Addresses”.
5. For multiple orders, enter the name and address for your first recipient. Hit “Save address”. The screen will show all your orders going to the address you just entered. At the top of the page, hit “Add a new delivery address”, enter the information for your second order, then hit “Save Address”. Do this for all your orders. On the next screen, use the drop down arrows to select which order goes to which recipient. Then hit “Save addresses and continue”.
6. Enter your information. If you choose “Create an account” all your addresses will be saved for future use. At the bottom of the page is a summary of your orders. If everything is correct, hit “Proceed to PayPal”. There you can use your PayPal account or credit card to make a payment. You will receive an email letting you know your order went through.

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