Women in Transition
Making a Difference Every Day

This program is designed to address the needs of survivors of domestic or sexual violence in collaboration with True North of Columbia. Our goal is to provide goods and services that support adults and children as they navigate the challenges involved with fleeing danger, healing from trauma, and beginning the transition to a life that is stable, self-sustaining, and free from violence.

In True North's emergency shelter, this program provides:

• new sheets, blankets, towels, and pillows
• shower caddies and personal hygiene items
• support for health and wellness: journals, daily planners, tickets to the ARC, Tiger Bounce, movies, and community plays
• supplies for in-shelter educational and therapeutic activities
• bus passes
• access to clothing needed for court appearances, interviews, work, and school

For Transitional Support, Women in Transition provides assistance with educational and career development or a fresh start to a new household that may include: day care, critical car repair, fees for professional education or licensing, dental and vision care, legal consultation, beds, housing fees, or home surveillance equipment.
During 2020-21, Women in Transition served 333 adults and children, at a cost of $42,871.32 and 523.89 volunteer hours.

WIT storyboard
WIT hands
WIT handwritten letter

Dear PLA Team,
I wanted to extend a personal thank you to extraordinarily kind women, whom I have had the honor of working with!!
Recently I submitted a request for assistance for a washer and dryer for my client, which was approved. I cannot describe the look of relief or count the tears of joy she shed. Nor can I describe the feeling when I got to share that relief was on the way for her. Her journey has been long, complicated, and filled with terrifying moments. She has moved into her own home and even though her abuser does not have her address, she still flinches at every noise in the night. To have the reassurance that she will not “be caught” outside on her way to do her laundry (with her children no less) is a whole new level of safety for her.
I share this with you because I so often wish you were in the chair beside me when I get to tell a client help and relief are on the way! And to hear the beautiful things they say such as, “These people don’t even know me and they want to help???” And of course I wish you could be in the room to share in a hug of joy instead of panic and dismay. They are truly “appalled” by your acts of kindness.
AGAIN…..THANK YOU to all the “PLA Angels” (that’s what I call you haahaa) that watch over my clients and help make their journey just a little easier!!
My Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude, C.M. Shelter Advocate, Case Manager, True North of Columbia Tel: 573-875-1369 www.TrueNorthofColumbia.org

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