Accepting Donations — Please Read

Our telephones are ringing! Are you open? Are you taking donations? Have you set a date for reopening? As a first step to reopening we are accepting donations on Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00 am. Sign up for donation time via Sign-Up Genius. Donations are currently being received on Wednesdays ONLY by appointment using Sign-up Genius.
There will be NO donations accepted on July 8.
July 1 sign-up link

July 15 sign-up link



Procedures for donating have been changed!

Here are some helpful practices to ensure an efficient, donation process:
• Place donations in separate containers by category: books, housewares and/or clothing.
• Place clothing donations in bags or boxes rather than on hangars.
• Consult the Do Not Sell List to avoid disappointment when an item can’t be accepted.
• Keep it light! Are you able to lift the container into a bin or onto a shelf?
• Donation containers will not be returned.
• Due to space limitations, no furniture is accepted at this time.
Drop Off Procedures
• All donations are received at the double doors with the ramp at the rear (west side) of the shop.
• Enter the alley behind the shopping plaza from the south end near Broadway St.
• Stop at the base of the ramp.
• Volunteers will provide a cart for your donations.
• Donors may not enter the building.

We will resume picking up furniture in early June.  If you have multiple pieces of furniture to donate, call 573-445-3848.  Leave your name, telephone number, and a brief description of the furniture pieces you wish to donate.  A volunteer will return your call.

Items Not Sold at Upscale Resale

Anything broken or dirty
Baby equipment such as cribs, car seats, highchairs, etc
Burned candles
Ceiling fans, chandeliers, light fixtures with exposed wires
Children’s clothing and toys
Computers, printers
Exercise equipment
Encyclopedias, textbooks
Faded, torn, stained sheets, towels, curtains
Glassware, pottery that is chipped
Hazardous items such as knives
Items with business logos such as mugs
Mattresses/Bed pillows
Microwaves, large appliances
Mini blinds, curtain rods

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