Marilyn Earley receives award

In 2005, Professional Leaders Auxiliary initiated a special award in memory of Jackie Dennis, who passed away in
June 2004 due to a sudden illness. She was a quiet, warm, hard-working person who
could always be counted on. She loved everything about working at Upscale:
coordinating the schedule, pricing items, displaying treasures, greeting customers, and,
very frequently, filling in when a substitute was needed. And Jackie loved flowers!
Each year’s award recipient is a member who, like Jackie, has given tirelessly to
Upscale and, therefore, reflects the Spirit of Upscale Resale, as did Jackie. The vase
that holds the flowers Jackie so loved has been purchased at Upscale and is meant to
be passed on each year to the next recipient. Marilyn Earley, seen on the left, receives the award from Susan Gowin.

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