It’s been said that one of the greatest gifts you can give is “the gift of time.” As a volunteer member of Assistance League, we willingly and cheerfully give our gift of time each and every month. We know there is no paycheck waiting to compensate us for all that we do, but that’s okay. We aren’t motivated by money. Instead, VOLUNTEERS are INSPIRED by something far more lasting than money, which can be better explained in the following poem:

It’s not for money. It’s not for fame. It’s not for any personal gain.
It’s just for love of fellowman. It’s just to lend a helping hand. It’s just to send a tithe of self.
That’s something you can’t buy with wealth.
It’s not for medals won with pride. It’s for that feeling deep inside.
It’s that reward down in your heart. It’s that feeling that you’ve been a part
Of helping others far and near,
That makes you be a Volunteer.