On May 15th the Astoria School District held their first ever Resource Fair at the Columbia Memorial Hospital grounds.  The fair was designed to support families who have children attending one of the four district schools.  It was a safe, drive through event where children were provided with various items. Assistance League® of the Columbia Pacific supported this great event by providing funds for shoes utilizing our School Activity Scholarship funds. We also provided yummy snack bags utilizing our “Outreach Program”.  The snack bags held 13 various nutritious and fun snacks.  It was organized by Julie Seppa and Theresa Turner and the bags were filled by Mary Jean Englund, Linda Moreland, Shelby Mogenson and Arline Lamear.  A great time was had by all and the over 110 K-12 children that were served that day were so very happy!


Theresa prepping snack food .                              Theresa and Julie with finished bags.            Yummy!


Julie shows off the contents.                                  Linda, Shelby, Julie, Mary Jean & Arline         Julie loading bags on Saturday