Cinderella’s Closet Moves!

Cinderella’s Closet moves to a new home!  On Saturday, February 19th, several volunteers met to move our Cinderella’s Closet inventory of over 600 prom dresses, shoes and jewelry.  The old JC Penny building was recently sold to Becky Johnson and Paul Tuter of Vintage Hardware and they have generously agreed to allow our ALCP Cinderella’s Closet operation reside in the basement of the building.  This meant that no moving van was needed as we moved from the top floor of the old JC Penny building to the basement!  Many thanks to Michele Stewart, Cindy Ireland, Sharon and Dick Seppa, Charlene Larson, Carol Gearin, Cindy and Gary Benson, Cheryl West, Julie Duffy and Julie Seppa who donated their time and muscle to making the move happen. Thanks to our CC angels Becky and Paul and thanks to all of the volunteers who made this transition so easy!