Books Delivered for Action Week!

In support of National Assistance League’s annual “Action Week” we are happy to report that ALCP has delivered BIG TIME for the elementary schools in our county.  For our “Action Week” we wanted to focus on literacy and more specifically on helping NEW teachers for grades K-5 in Clatsop County build libraries for their classrooms.  Often time new teachers have to spend their own money to be able to have books at hand in their classroom.  Teachers were asked to create book lists that were then used for books to be donated and or purchased.  Teachers huddled with their students to create the book list.  ALCP placed bins in Lucy’s Books (Astoria) and Beach Books (Seaside) where members of our community could drop off books.

The end result, 60+ books were collected from donations and ALCP purchased an additional 300+ books from both book stores. We have just delivered the books and the teachers were delighted and excited to receive them.

Many thanks to Lucy’s Books and Beach Books who provided a nice discount on the books we purchased!  Julie Seppa headed up the volunteer team which included Jane Cartwright, Shelby Mogenson, Michele Stewart, Cindy Ireland, Charlene Larsen, Mary Davies, Linda Moreland, Sharon Seppa, Sandy Ford and newcomer Claudine Gregory.  Great job all!