Clatsopalooza Chooses Assistance League®

At our fall Luncheon we learned that the promoters of the “Clatsopalooza – New Years Eve on the Coast” live concert event wanted to donate a portion of all ticket sales to Assistance League® of the Columbia Pacific! This event is the brainchild of Don Bacon, owner of Atlantis Auto Glass in Warrenton, who has put the concert together with Leland Fallon and Taj Richardson.  
Don’s goal in creating this event was to bring quality live rock music to our area, but he also wanted to have the event raise some money in support of music education in our local schools.  He knew about ALCP and our programs and so he picked us to be the charitable organization that he wanted to support!  What better way to put this donation to good use than through our School Activity Support (SAS) program that serves all of the Clatsop County Middle and High Schools?
So get out those dancing shoes and practice those dance moves!   You can support our potential donation by considering buying tickets to the event, telling your friends and liking and sharing our facebook post about the event.
For full information and to buy tickets go to:
We are so very pleased about being the chosen charitable organization for this event!