“Louise Radloff Middle School is extremely appreciative of the attention Assistance League of Atlanta has provided to our young ladies.  So often these basic needs are overlooked.  We are grateful for the care and concern you have shown as we work together to build our community and support our students.”
Lisa Wells, Parent Community Counselor

Helping Families in Crisis on a One-time Basis

Lisa Wells, Radloff Middle School, with sanitary products for middle school girls.

Outreach provides a flexible, rapid-response approach to fulfilling specific community needs that do not fit within other existing Assistance League programs and that can be addressed on a one-time-only basis.  Assistance League cannot give assistance directly to individuals or families as it has no real way to assess their needs so must work hand-in-hand with educational institutions, churches and social agencies.  The program is intended to address emergency situations only; therefore, cannot go to the same recipient more than once in a three-year cycle.

In 2016, Assistance League supplied low-income middle-school girls from Tucker High School with feminine hygiene products, so they would not miss school.


Assistance League of Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.