“Over 20 years ago Sam and I established a Charitable Remainder Unit Trust and named Assistance League of Atlanta as one of the beneficiaries. We chose Assistance League because of our dedication to what the organization does and to provide future funding for its philanthropic programs.”
Liz Kiker, Past President
Assistance League of Atlanta
“It was an easy decision to include in our Last Will and Testament a financial donation to Assistance League of Atlanta. With the well-managed, dedicated leadership of Assistance League, we know every dollar will go to serving others in need, joyfully.”
Karen Roberts, Member Volunteer
Assistance League of Atlanta

Remembering Assistance League

There are numerous creative ways to support the mission of Assistance League of Atlanta for years to come. Such giving techniques are called “planned giving.” With thoughtful planning, you can be sure you and your loved ones will benefit as will children and adults coping with homelessness, abuse and poverty in Atlanta. You can create a lasting remembrance of the values you embrace.

Almost everyone has the ability to make a planned gift. Planned giving is not just for the wealthy. According to a recent study, 33 percent of Americans are willing to consider a charitable bequest. (Michael J. Rosen, CFRE) Gifts of any size are appropriate — there is no minimum.

Assistance League encourages friends and supporters to make outright and deferred gifts. The types of deferred gifts which it will actively engage in accepting and/or encouraging include life insurance, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, retirement plan beneficiary designations, bequests, life insurance beneficiaries and other such giving vehicles as the Board of Directors may from time to time approve.


A bequest is a gift you direct through your will.  It is the simplest form of giving because it can be added to your existing will with a codicil.  It allows you to retain your assets in your lifetime and leave a larger gift than you may have given while you were alive.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts can increase your income, provide a current tax deduction and possibly avoid capital gains taxes.

Tax Implications of Leaving IRA to a Non-profit

For those who plan to make charitable gifts upon their death, naming a nonprofit organization as an IRA beneficiary can be very advantageous since the nonprofit does not pay income tax whereas, in most cases, individuals will.

Five Advantages of Having a Will

  1. Decide who will be the beneficiary of your property
  2. Save unnecessary expenses
  3. Enjoy immediate and deferred tax advantages
  4. Provide income for life while making a planned gift
  5. Ensure Assistance League of Atlanta can carry out its mission with a legacy gift

Five Reasons to Update Your Will

  1. Gaining a new family member
  2. Coping with changes in estate tax laws
  3. Having assets in a retirement account which may be subject to duplicate taxation
  4. Experiencing loss of a loved one
  5. Misplacing your will

For more information on making Assistance League of Atlanta part of your estate plan, contact us.

NOTE: Please refer to Assistance League of Atlanta’s Gift Policy which is posted on this website.  Assistance League of Atlanta does not provide legal or tax advice.  All donors should consult their tax advisor to determine the consequences of making a planned gift.