“Newly admitted patients without proper clothes for therapy don’t have to miss a single day of rehabilitation thanks to Assistance League of Atlanta.”
Spinal Column, the magazine of Shepherd Center

“We really appreciate your donations to our clothes closet.  When patients have an emergency or need a bathing suit, we just grab something from the closet.  Your sweet treats and cards mean so much to our patients who can’t go out for birthdays and whose families may live out of town.”
Katie Blair, Shepherd Center Volunteer Services Assistant

Supporting Patient Rehabilitation

Assistance League member volunteer with Shepherd Center coordinator at the clothes closet

Each year, Shepherd Center Patient Support supplies new clothing (T-shirts, socks, bathing suits, and tear-away pants) appropriate for physical therapy to aid patients in their recovery at this world-famous hospital.  This clothing is stored in a “clothes closet” ready for immediate use when a new patient arrives or patients need replacement clothing.

“Many times our patients arrive from another hospital with a hospital gown and nothing else,” said Alana Shepherd, founding board member of Shepherd Center.  “We get patients up and into therapy on their first day when possible, but not without the proper clothes.  Thanks to Assistance League, it’s one less thing that stressed-out family members have to worry about.”

When accidents happen, staff members get what they need from the clothes closet.  “It’s a wonderful thing to go to that closet and grab a pair of pants,” said Gale Eckstein, Family Services Events Coordinator.

Many patients are far from home with no family nearby.  To help patients celebrate birthdays each month, Assistance League of Atlanta brings wheelchair-friendly backpacks for these patients.  It means so much to bring a smile to their faces, to let them know someone cares.

Shepherd Center expresses appreciation for our support.

In 1988, Assistance League of Atlanta helped 50 patients, one for each week in the year.  In the fiscal year ending May 31, 2017, the organization assisted over 280 patients in their recovery process.

Your gift of $30 will fund three rehab-friendly sets of clothing (tear-away pants and T-shirts).  Thank you for your support.

Shepherd Center is on the leading edge of technology with special equipment for patients
Adaptive technology makes it easier for injured patients to resume a normal life

Assistance League of Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.