Maui Relief - Donate to the Maui Fire Disaster Relief Effort.

You can help us to provide needed supplies to children and families displaced by the recent devastating Maui wildfires. Please consider making a donation to our Maui Relief fund by clicking on the photo above or the link that follows: MAUI RELIEF

Volcano Lava Flow
2018 Kilauea lava flow. Photo from USGS.

Assistance League of Hawaii’s Outreach Program is unfamiliar to most members. This is because it is, unlike our other programs, Outreach is not on-going.

Outreach is ramping up due to recent disasters such as the Maui wildfires. Member volunteers are ready to provide a “one and done” service that helps organizations in crisis or emergency situations.

As a result of the fire that destroyed the town of Lahaina, there is a lot of interest in helping with the emergency needs of keiki and families on the island of Maui. A committee has been formed to help with the task of finding ways we can helpThe Outreach program differs from our other continuing programs in that it is designed to respond quickly to a specific one-time need in times of emergency.

An ongoing fundraiser through RightGift is raising emergency funds for Maui fire relief.

In the future fires, floods, or other disasters may provide another reason to activate an Outreach.

Miho Teipel – Outreach Chair