Celebrating 80 years of service in Santa Ana!

Assistance League of Santa Ana exists to serve the unique needs and challenges of students, children, families and seniors in Santa Ana. Our services are locally designed, funded, organized and carried out to fit these needs. As one of National Assistance League’s 120 Chapters, Assistance League of Santa Ana members are incredibly generous and imaginative. Each one is highly motivated to effect change in Santa Ana. Each one has the spirit to get the job done, whatever it is and whatever it takes. We function to the best standards of nonprofit governance.

We are dedicated to making local lives better.

Assistance League of Santa Ana was recognized in 2019 by Santa Ana City Councilmembers Penaloza and Sarmiento for its exceptional programs serving the City’s poorest population.

Assistance League of Santa Ana members are available to conduct tours of our facilities for you or your organization and explain how our various programs create a better community.    Call 714.664.0547 for information.

Assistance League of Santa Ana is cognizant of the very real issue of “food insecurity” among those living in poverty in Santa Ana.  A “SOC it to Hunger” program was established in 2019 to stock food pantries at Santa Ana elementary schools. Open-air food distribution events are held during weeks when the schools are closed for holidays and breaks.

In association with Supervisor Andrew Do’s office, Assistance League of Santa Ana held an event on its campus to sign up the elderly and developmentally disabled for California’s CalFresh (food stamps) Program.  Over 150 people were enrolled during this event.

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Assistance League of Santa Ana

1037 West First Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703-3925


714-664-0547 (Office)

714-543-1120 (Thrift Shop)

714-835-6727 (Dental Center)

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