Community Outreach

Empowering Individuals and Families Through Active Engagement

The Assistance League of Santa Ana has been steadfast in its mission since 2014, reaching out to hundreds of underserved individuals in Santa Ana. Our dedication goes beyond fulfilling basic needs; it’s about transforming lives and nurturing a sense of solidarity within the community.

Soc it to Hunger Emergency Food Pantry and Distribution Events

  • Proactive Aid: Aiding 40 families monthly through our pantry, and reaching out to 125 families during the school holidays at each distribution event with essential food supplies.
  • Community Effort: An exemplary partnership with Santa Ana Unified School District, fortifying the community’s resolve to combat food insecurity.
  • Strengthening Bonds: The program exemplifies the power of community and support, serving as a cornerstone of hope for those facing hardships.

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Gift of Giving

  • Holiday Cheer: Our 33-year tradition with the Assisteens auxiliary brings holiday spirit to over 40 migrant education families annually, partnering with local organizations for a grand festive celebration.
  • Generous Hearts: The community’s largesse shines with over $37,000 in gifts and over $1,800 in food donations, ensuring a warmer season for all.
  • Extended Family: Serving 990 families to date, the Gift of Giving Program stands as a testament to the community’s enduring generosity and care.

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Literacy Initiatives for Young Readers

  • Educational Foundations: Advocating for literacy, ALSA’s initiatives are crucial in seeding a lifelong love for reading among the youth of Santa Ana.
  • Reading for a Brighter Future: Through programs and book drives, we encourage the joy of reading, setting the stage for educational success and personal growth.

Service for Seniors

  • Caring for Our Senors: ALSA’s engagement with Santa Ana Senior Centers embodies our commitment to senior welfare, providing holiday gifts, shopping vouchers, and emergency support.
  • Social Inclusion: By organizing social events and programs, ALSA helps combat the isolation felt by many seniors, enhancing their quality of life and community connection.

Join Our Cause
Your involvement is the cornerstone of our success. Join us in making a substantial difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can continue to provide these essential services and programs.

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