Want to help us spend $350,000 to help families in Santa Ana?

Assistance League of Santa Ana is a unique nonprofit organization comprised of member volunteers who bring their talents and abilities together to fulfill the mission of helping children, students, families and seniors in Santa Ana. It is one of 120 Assistance League chapters nationwide. We function to the best standards of nonprofit governance.

Membership is open to those who have the time and passion to volunteer.  Our programs are responsive to the needs of our community and will provide you with many opportunities to serve. Join more than 250 women who are members and volunteers in Assistance League of Santa Ana. Choose from the philanthropic programs and committees that interest you and would benefit from your special skills.

Why Join or Volunteer?
  • To make a difference by sharing your enthusiasm and extending a helping hand while making friendships that will
    last a lifetime!
  • You are highly motivated to effect change in the community and you want a personal stake in the outcome.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie when you work with others.
  • Feel the satisfaction when you help those in need.
  • Challenge yourself to do something different.
  • Interact, not only with other members, but with those we serve.
Annual Dues:

The total dues obligation of each member of Assistance League of Santa Ana is as follows:

Voting $90
Nonvoting $90
New Member Fee $15

Dues for new members joining after December 1 shall be reduced by one-half:  $45

Members work in the Thrift Shop, serve on committees tasked with carrying out the philanthropic programs of Assistance League of Santa Ana, and support annual fundraisers.

Join with us as members united in purpose and dedicated to making local lives better.

If you have questions about becoming a member or volunteering – or would like to meet one of us in person, please contact our office 714-664-0547 or email admin@assistkids.org

If you’re ready to join,  fill out the membership form here. Return the completed form to Assistance League of Santa Ana, 1037 West First Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703.