Due to COVID-19 we were not able to proceed as we normally would with our program.  Information below is from 2020-2021:

This past year, 150 “Young Authors” received a beautiful, bound leather book with the title and their name on the cover.  Fifty-six schools normally participate. Winning entries are chosen from students in grade K-8.

Project  R.E.A.D.

Read, Enjoy And Develop was adopted by Assistance League of Victor Valley to meet identified needs of local school children.  Project R.E.A.D. funding supports the annual Young Author’s program, and Science and Technology.

Young Author’s Program – Funding pays for binding selected children’s stories that are submitted to the annual Young Author’s programs that are held at participating Victor Valley elementary schools.  Chapter members are invited to help with judging of children’s stories.

Science and Technology – This past year we received requests from a few elementary schools and one high school.  The Chapter provided financial assistance to each of the schools.  Some of the items purchased were:  A Spring Library and Garden • Office Furniture, iPad and Projector for Zoom meetings and Robotics for the High School.

Judges Read and Judge Stories

2021-2022 Assistance League of Victor Valley STEM Awards

This past February and March, 8 High Desert Teachers received the Assistance League 2022 STEM Awards. Each of the following teachers received a $500 award that went towards purchasing STEM Classroom Materials for their students. A few photographs of these materials are included in this post. We have received word that their students are thrilled with the new STEM Classroom materials and are having a great time learning with these new STEM materials.
Congratulations to:
Stephanie Garcia – VV Virtual Academy – VVUHSD
Shaun Rickerl – Sandia Academy – AVUSD
Karen Rampley – Sitting Bull Academy – AVUSD
Christina Johnson – Yucca Loma School – AVUSD
Summer Smith – Yucca Loma School – AVUSD
Valerie Kimmel-Oliva – Yucca Loma School – AVUSD
Denise Jackson – Yucca Loma School – AVUSD
Marissa Ferree – Yucca Loma School – AVUSD

2021-2022 Assistance League of Victor Valley Literacy Award

This past May 2022, 39 High Desert Teachers from 3 of our High Desert School Districts, received  Assistance League 2022 Literacy Awards. Each of the following teachers received a $300 award that went towards purchasing childrens books for their classroom libraries. This award was especially designed for teachers new to the teaching profession. Teachers with 1 to 3 years teaching experience could apply for this Literacy Award.  We congratulate all 39 teachers and we know their students will enjoy those books, not only this school year, but for many school years to come!

Victor Elementary School District:

    • Alicia Van Zant
    • Corinne Ary
    • Yvette Espinoza
    • Ruth Lenz
    • Tonya Lacrue
    • Kristen Pilcher
    • Khrysta Salazar
    • Karina Tello
    • Vanessa Villarreal
  • Victor Valley Union High School District

    • Tashanna Gobert
    • Herlinda Jimenez
    • Sara Negrete
    • Daniela Sadach
    • Rachael Wish
  • Apple Valley Unified School District

    • Janette Ackermann
    • Melanie Rueda Balderas
    • Alicia Barber
    • Trisha Brewster
    • Christina Brandt
    • Violet Carter
    • Sharon Denkers
    • Sandy Diaz
    • Max Hernandez
    • Roman Hernandez
    • Sierra Hill
    • Christine Charlton Hoegerman
    • Kathleen Diaz Jensen
    • Marites Killion
    • Kristina Kimsey
    • Jessica Kuiper
    • Paige Lewis
    • Hailey Loring
    • Amanda McLane
    • Courtney O’Grady
    • Trisha Ortega
    • Taiz Soto
    • Lauren Sherwood
    • Emily Thielen
    • Eileen White