Assistance League of Victor Valley is a nonprofit organization whose member volunteers identify, develop, implement and fund ongoing, community-based philanthropic programs for specific needs of the Victor Valley.  In 1979, with nine members it originated as an Assistance League Guild. In 1982, it attained Full Chapter Status.  It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Today, in 2021, it has 130 members.

All funds raised in the Victor Valley are invested in the Victor Valley. Assistance League of Victor Valley directs its funds to primarily benefit elementary school children in the area.



Assistance League of Victor Valley transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs.


Essential needs are met in our community and families flourish.


Assistance League of Victor Valley has a rich history of supporting the vision and talents of dedicated volunteers engaged in personal service to our community and embraces the following values:

Accountability – Willingness to accept responsibility

Leadership – Willingness to lead and develop leaders

Commitment – Dedicated to a course of action

Respect – Treating all with courtesy

Ethics – Doing the right thing in a reliable way

Consistency – Marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity: free from variation or contradiction

Integrity – Honest and having strong moral principles

Transparency – Clear, see through or obvious

Community Connections

In the 30+ years that Assistance League of Victor Valley has been a chapter, members have made a concerted effort to build Community Connections by working with Victor Valley residents, businesses, organizations, school districts, local government agencies, and by applying for grants from local and national foundations.

Dedicated chapter members donate untold hours of their time, generously give monetary and in-kind donations, but also recognize the importance of nurturing and maintaining our ties with the community. Please take a moment to view our semi-annual newsletter we publish and send to our donors and other community members/organizations.  Inside this issue you will find a list of these generous donors.

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  • Volunteer Hours — 12,600 hours
  • Operation School Bell® — over 32,900 children have been reached since it opened
  • Operation School Bell® — 2,290 children clothed this year, plus 1,300 for the school food pantry
  • Outreach Program — has helped over 2,251 students during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Operation Hug — only 120 teddy bears delivered due to COVID
  • Assisteens® — 270 hours due to COVID limitations
  • Assisteens® — prepared and distributed 93 full-size grooming kits
  • Moving Forward — $4,000 donated to Oasis House to benefit transitional-aged youth
  • ACTION! Week — 1,120 kindergarten students benefited from Dr. Seuss-themed literacy program
  • Assistance League Thrift Shop continues to provide an immeasurable amount of goods to our local customers at sensible prices
  • Other chapter programs continue to successfully serve the Victor Valley community