17 years ago, I sat in the Riverside banquet room alongside countless others and watched as my mom, Donna Taylor, was inducted as the Assistance League of Boise President. Little could I have known that I would eventually be given the same honor in 2023, proudly becoming our chapter’s first second generation President. For 35 years, I had the great fortune of working in the schools with children, and now, it is a privilege to continue to volunteer helping kids of all ages who are in special need of our assistance. For so long, music and teaching have been my passion. Now, my love of volunteer work has given me a whole new purpose.

One of the most powerful and important jobs of this organization is to adapt to changing times and the needs of our community. Last year, under the guidance of our outstanding President, Kay McGee, our chapter took on even more responsibilities in assisting both current and graduating high school teens needing assistance pursuing higher education courses at CWI. Within the span of a couple months, our chapter added 3 trial programs to fill these needs and spent an additional $180,000. Task forces were put in place to find the very best solutions to some very pressing needs. Depending on our trial period results, some of these may be added as permanent programs.

Our Thrift Shop has had a stellar year and has raised more money than predicted. Because of this, our programs are in great shape and have plenty of funding to continue serving the needs of our children and community at large. From the receivers who accept and distribute the donations given, to the backroom workers who carefully inspect, sort, tag, price, and put items on the floor, to the ladies working in the Thrift Shop and selling those items to the customers, our organization is incredibly efficient. We continue to find ways to encourage more members to join our mission – “Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities.” My wish for the coming year is that we continue to expand our programs to serve as much of our community as possible. We have a strong Strategic Plan in place and will work to fulfill all of our goals.

“Philanthropy, like music, is a bridge to the soul” will be my continuing theme this year. It is my honor to serve such an incredible organization.

– Wendy Hartman, President, Assistance League of Boise