Assistance League of Boise is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that is comprised of multi-talented volunteers working together to fulfill its mission. We are an organization whose members volunteered over 59,400 hours last year. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of Ada County residents through hands-on programs.

Membership is open to those who wish to be of service to our community and have the time, creativity and passion to volunteer.  The joy of giving is expressed through extraordinary programs chosen to meet the specific needs of our community.

Join ~370 women and men who volunteer with Assistance League of Boise. Choose from the philanthropic programs and committees that interest you and would benefit from your special skills. Make a difference in your community by sharing your enthusiasm and extending a helping hand while making new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Become one of us! Join an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in their community.

Working on OSB Tagging

Working at the Thrift Shop

At a Member Meeting

NEW at Assistance League of Boise …

We are starting our second-year trial of “Flexible Requirements” emphasizing simplicity and more options to accommodate a variety of life styles!

How can YOU get started?

Check Us Out – Come for a facility tour and see members in action…YOU may be inspired to join us!

What can YOU expect as a member?

Meet the Public – Work in our Thrift Shop or Back Room donation area along with other members.
Get Involved – Serve throughout the year on two (2) committees.
Be Social – Make new friends while attending monthly general membership meetings, as you participate in both the business and the fun of Boise Chapter.
Aim for the Target – Enjoy a variety of activities while meeting or exceeding your annual flexible hours target.
Stay Connected – Boise Chapter is one of 120 chapters of National Assistance League throughout the USA! Your annual dues connect the Boise Chapter to our national organization and all its benefits.

Membership Levels and Requirements

  • Members are typically retired/not working and available during weekdays. This category comprises the majority of our members.
  • Annual Dues: $60.00
  • Annual Flexible Hours Target: 100
 Professional Voting:
  • Members are employed a minimum of thirty (30) hours/week, OR student enrolled in a minimum of eight (8) credit hours/semester. These members comprise a committee and are usually available to serve Saturdays/evenings.
  • Annual Dues: $60.00
  • Annual Flexible Hours Target: 75
  • “Sisters Performing Acts of Remarkable Kindness” — Members are typically younger in age than “Voting” members and may be caring for children. These members comprise a committee and serve as their personal time allows.
  • Annual Dues: $60.00
  • Annual Flexible Hours Target: 75
 Associate (Non-Voting):
  • Members support the Boise Chapter through their annual dues and may participate in philanthropic programs and/or fundraising activities. Members do not vote or hold office, and generally do not attend meetings.
  • Annual Dues: $160.00

Membership Applications

Good News …  Assistance League of Boise accepts membership applications at any time. Simply “click” on your choice of membership options below.

Ada County Voting Membership Forms:

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Non-Voting Membership Forms:

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