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Providing a Healthy Beginning

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Volunteer delivering bundles to hospital staff

Many new parents are overwhelmed by the costs associated with caring for a newborn baby. Our Baby Bundles program seeks to ensure that new babies born to a family in financial need will leave the hospital with a layette that includes new clothing and essential products to keep the baby healthy and clean.

Each Baby Bundle contains items approved by the hospital staff and are bundled in a sturdy backpack that can double as a diaper bag for the new family.  Bundles are delivered to local hospitals where the hospital staff distribute them to families in need.

Baby Bundles are prepared by Assistance League of Boise and delivered to local hospitals, who in turn determine the bundle recipients.

2022-23 Program Review


Baby Bundles Delivered


Hospitals Served


Thousand Dollars Spent

Making A Difference

“The baby bundles from the Assistance League are an act of kindness given to families who have minimal access to resources. Whenever we provide one of these baby bundles to a mother in need, their faces light up. They are so appreciative of the kindness and generosity that went into putting these together. We are so grateful to have these available for those families in our community.”
— Matt, Social Worker for St. Luke’s

“The bundle included things I didn’t know I needed. This was PERFECT! 100% AWESOME! Thank you. As a new mom I am grateful for your help.”

— a Baby Bundles recipient

Better Together

Assistance League of Boise would like to thank St. Luke’s for their support of Baby Bundles!

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