Project Hearing

Providing Assistance to the Hard of Hearing

Hearing Aids

Gather hearing aid donations, refurbish when necessary and make available to eligible Ada and Canyon County residents.


Awarded to students in Ada County with severe hearing loss for college or vocational school.

2022-23 Program Review


Scholarships Awarded


Hearing Aids Approved


Thousand Dollars Spent

Making A Difference

“A HUGE thank you for providing hearing aids for my 94-year-old friend.  Great service!!  Thank you from the both of us for having this service in place and making it easy.  You make our community better.”
— Maril and Bill


Hearing aids are given to qualified adults in need.  Caring member volunteers screen and refer applicants to certified audiologists, then fund the cost of the hearing tests and other associated costs.

for Advanced Education

Hard of hearing students from Ada County high schools receive educational scholarships to further their education and support long term independence.  The scholarships support advanced education in a four year college program or a technical school.

 Scholarship Application – the application deadline for scholarships is April 1.

Project Hearing committee members

Assistance League of Boise Project Hearing Committee Members

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In-Kind Donations

Donations of used hearing aids are welcome.  Please drop them off at our Thrift Shop during business hours (Wednesday-Saturday 10:00-4:00).