High School Closets

Help in a Time of Crisis

School social workers regularly work with students in crisis. Having a closet full of essential clothing and hygiene items to offer students in their hour of need can make a huge difference to a student going through a difficult time.

High School Closets provides clothing and hygiene items to Ada County high schools that request it. School social workers distribute items to students in emergency situations.

2022-23 Program Review


Youth Served


Schools Served


Thousand Dollars Spent

Making A Difference

“I can’t tell you enough how impactful the donations from the Assistance League are. The clothes make them feel less like they might be standing out, the hoodies are new and black and great quality and they “fit in”. They don’t want to ask for undergarments, but when they need them they’re here, and they are so appreciative. The gift of shoes this year was just that: a gift, one kid said it felt like his birthday, brand new VANS, just what he always wanted. Thank you!!!”
— Jessye, Community School Coordinator

“Assistance League of Boise is an absolute blessing. Kuna’s Kloset is an incredible way to meet the needs of students when they need it most. Thank you so much!”
— Adam, Counselor

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