Providing Assistance To The Hearing Impaired
Throughout Ada County since 1977

Hearing Aids


One of our recipients receiving hearing assistance

Hearing aids are given to qualified adults in need in Ada County.  Caring member volunteers screen and refer applicants to certified audiologists, then fund the cost of the hearing tests and other associated costs.

Last year, 57 special recipients received hearing aid assistance.

 Application for Hearing Aid Assistance
 Financial Disclosure Statement Form

Donations of used hearing aids are welcome.  Please drop them off at our Thrift Shop during business hours (Monday 1:30-5:00, Tuesday-Friday 10:00-5:00, Saturday 10:00-4:00).

Scholarships for Advanced Education

Hearing impaired students receive educational scholarships to further their education and support long term independence.  The Hearing Scholarships support advanced education in a four year college program or a technical school.

Six scholarships were awarded for the 2021-22 school year.

  Scholarship Application – the application deadline for scholarships is April 1.

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Hearing Aids


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