Assistance League of Boise
Student Scholarship for the Hard of Hearing

Working toward a goal needs support!

Assistance League of Boise provides tuition/textbook educational scholarships for graduating, hard of hearing, Idaho high school seniors or continuing higher education students who reside in Ada County.  The scholarships are conditioned upon the recipient’s enrollment at an accredited two or four-year college, university, vocational institution, beauty college, or school of the arts in the United States.  The initial educational scholarship will be based on a combination of financial need of the applicant, scholastic and leadership ability and extra-curricular activity such as the arts, athletics, journalism, and school or community service.  Upon receiving confirmation of recipient’s acceptance into the school of their choice, Assistance League of Boise will forward a check directly to the institution where the money will be distributed by quarter or semester.

Recipients may renew their per-year scholarships up to three times depending on the approval of the Selection Committee of Assistance League of Boise.  The decision of the Selection Committee will be based on the number of applications received, other aid or scholarship monies granted to the applicant for the upcoming year, academic progress of the applicant in his or her chosen field, and demonstrated leadership abilities.

Eligibility for First Year or Initial Scholarship

Any hard of hearing student, who is graduating from an Idaho high school and resides in Ada County or attends the Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind and whose parents reside within Ada County is eligible for a scholarship.  The student must be planning to be a full-time student at any accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or one or more years at a vocational institution, beauty college or school for the arts in the United States.

Application Requirements for Initial Scholarship

The Initial Scholarship application must include:

  • Scholarship application, filled out completely.
  • School transcript from ninth grade through the first semester of the senior year if applicant is a senior in high school.  If applicant is already enrolled in college, all college transcripts must be supplied.  These transcripts must include courses taken, grades received and class ranking of the applicant if available.  The transcript must be an original, signed by authorized school officials.
  • Applicant must supply adequate information of his/her financial situation.
  • Two letters of recommendation describing the character and academic or other achievements of the applicant must be provided.  At least one of the letters must be from a school teacher/counselor or administrator.  The second letter may be from a person outside the school setting who is not related to the applicant and who has had an opportunity to personally observe the applicant’s character, initiative and purpose.  The letters should be confined to one page.
  • Verification of hearing impairment from a certified audiologist.

Application Requirements for Renewal Scholarships

The Renewal Scholarship application must include:

  • Scholarship application, filled out completely.
  • Original, signed, transcript showing grades for each semester or quarter attended.
  • Complete financial information listing all income, assets and school fees.
  • New letter of recommendation is not required.

Submission Information

The application must be completed by April 1st of the current academic year to qualify for a fall scholarship.

  Complete the online application by clicking on the “APPLY ONLINE” button below.
  All required supporting materials must be received by April 1st.  Mail the materials to:

Assistance League of Boise – Project Hearing
P.O. Box 140104
Garden City, ID 83714

Please use the following checklist to prepare your packet:

______ Copy of most recent school transcript
______ Verification of acceptance at an accredited school. (New applicants or renewal applicants that have changed schools only.)
______ Two letters of reference. Requirements in instructions. (New applicants only)
If an individual wishes his/her references to be confidential, ask the individual to seal an original in a separate envelope with their signature over the seal; this envelope must be given to you to submit in application packet.
______ Verification of hearing impairment
______ Wallet size photo (optional)

No application materials will be returned.  You are encouraged to keep a copy for your own records.

Direct questions to Assistance League of Boise Project Hearing voice mail at 208-377-4327, ext. 102.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  It could take 24 hours to return your call so plan accordingly.

Notification of status will be sent to all applicants by April 30th.  Applicants will be notified by mail of the Selection Committee’s decision.