Canyon County Branch

A committee of Assistance League of Boise
Membership Application

National Mission:  Assistance League volunteers, transforming the lives of children through community programs.

Prospective Member Information:  Nonvoting Category:
Membership in the Canyon County Branch Committee is available to any individual who resides in Canyon County and who shall participate in and support Canyon County’s selected philanthropic program(s) and fundraising activities. Members are nonvoting in the Boise chapter and may not hold offices in that chapter; are not required to, but may, attend Boise regular chapter meetings; are required to pay annual dues of $60, with $40 remitted to National Assistance League® and the balance retained by the Branch Committee; and are to assume financial obligations as voted upon by the Canyon County Branch Committee.

  • I have read the "Prospective Member Information" and hereby apply for the following membership classification:
  • Month and day only
  • Please provide name and contact information.
  • (if employed)
  • Summary of Canyon County Branch Membership Expectations: 1) Annual dues of $60.00, 2) Orientation and training, 3) Attend scheduled meetings, 4) Commitment to assist one (1) philanthropy in an ongoing basis annually.
  • Please check as many as apply.
Check-in desk at Canyon County Branch's first Operation School Bell event.
Boy shoe shopping at Canyon County Branch's first Operation School Bell event.
Baby bundles being delivered to a Canyon County hospital
Boy showing off his new shirt at Operation School Bell event.
Canyon County Branch members assembling Baby Bundles
Hospital staff receiving Baby Bundles
Canyon County Branch Chairs