View: A Pebble in the Pond

A Pebble in the Pond - movie graphic

A Pebble in the Pond is a timely, timeless look at a modern story with deep roots: In the 1890’s a dynamic and innovative woman named Anne Banning formed the Assistance League and did local charitable work that focused on children. The documentary tells Anne’s story and traces the history of the Assistance League from its humble beginnings to a call to action following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; through Red Cross innovations and two World Wars and more.

The film explores Assistance League’s signature program, Operation School Bell, which provides clothing, backpacks, books, and basic necessities to children who are a part of the foster system, low income, or homeless. It showcases amazing individuals quietly donating their time and talents to help others. Some of the spotlighted people include those who were once helped and now themselves giving back.

Today, the Assistance League’s 120 chapters across the country continue to change the lives of children and adults, and shows that in a still pond, even the smallest pebble can create huge and far reaching ripples.

A Pebble in the Pond was produced by FreeStyle Digital Media in 2022. It was written and directed by Paul Howard and features Ann Benson, Karis Campbell and Abby Shayne. The film streams for free with ads on TUBI TV or commercial free on Amazon Prime Video (subscription required).