The purpose of the Desert Sage Auxiliary Angel’s Assistance Program is to provide assistance for children and adults in our community who struggle to live a healthy, safe and satisfying lifestyle. This program meets our community needs by providing services to local hospitals and clinics. The program was approved in April 2002 and University Medical Center was selected because it provides services to low income children and adults. The program was amended to allow collaboration with additional Las Vegas area hospitals and pediatric clinics.

Memory Boxes: Memory Boxes including a hand-made burial gown and blanket, a book on grief in English or Spanish, and an angel heart pin for the mother, are given to parents who have lost a child at birth. Memory Boxes are given to families at seven (7) area hospitals.

Desert Sage Auxiliary members, chapter members and community volunteers sew the gowns and bonnets in three sizes: under 2 lbs., 2-4 lbs., 5-8 lbs.

Tray Favors: Desert Sage members assemble and deliver tray favor/gift bags to pediatric patients at two (2) area hospitals for different holidays throughout the year.

Baby Healthcare Kits and Blankets: Healthcare kits and blankets are given to low income mothers and their newborns receiving care at University Medical Center.

Shadow Buddies™: Shadow Buddy dolls are provided for children receiving treatment at a local oncology clinic. Doctors can write/draw on the Buddies to explain to the children and their families about their condition and treatment. They are designed to be both a friend to take home and a teaching tool.

1,274 Memory Boxes, Tray Favors, Healthcare Kits, Blankets and Shadow Buddies™ were provided in 2019-2020.