Blue Portal Announces New Artist Intake Appointment Days for 2022

We are pleased to share the dates that New Artists will be considered for addition to the Blue Portal family. Appointments start at 11 AM ; finish at 3:00 PM and are 30 minutes long. A full introduction to the program is given at that time, but we do expect the potential artist to have read all of the supplementary material in the “New Artist Folder”.

To aide us with our first contact with you we do require that you send photos of what you propose bringing so that we have a specific idea of what you do. There are some categories that historically do not do well here and we would alert you if your work falls in that area. There are changing trends in patron purchases and inquiries that our computer system allows us to keep up with so that we can fairly assess the chances of success at Blue Portal. We have so many venues for artists in Albuquerque that when you have material that may not work here – we may be able to suggest a potential venue for it.


All new artists start out with a limited number of pieces to see how they fit in Blue Portal. With limited space and over 400 artists we do our best to keep the inventory fresh and interesting as well as honoring the traditions of our talented seniors. As the popularity of an item grows, so does the number of items we take.

What follows is our present “demographic” of categories/types in order of popularity. This also weighs in the assessment of what and how much we take. From most popular in descending order: Fabric Arts, Wood, Décor, Jewelry (earrings/necklaces), Kitchen-Utensils, Glass, Notecards (original art better than photography), Pottery/Ceramics. Our slowest categories are Paintings/Hanging Photography/Matted Prints, Purses-Tote Bags, Random Accessories and Childrens (the kids seem to have gone digital).

These are a few generalities to help you get a fuller feeling for what Blue Portal looks at when evaluating your potential participation.

We will not be making any appointments prior to February 1. PLEASE do not contact us prior to that date, your request will not be read or saved. January is our time to year-end inventory, training, etc. WE ONLY MAKE APPOINTMENTS FOR ONE MONTH AT A TIME.

  • MARCH 17
  • APRIL 14
  • MAY 19
  • JUNE 16
  • JULY 14
  • AUGUST 18
  • OCTOBER 20

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