Scholarship is one of Assistance League of Albuquerque’s nine philanthropic programs. The program committee awards scholarships to students at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) in the Trades Division, Applied Technologies Department.

All trades division students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to complete their final three terms. Each student who has completed two of the five terms for graduation with a 3.5 grade average or better is eligible.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by the ALA Scholarship Committee, and the recipients are selected in coordination with CNM. These scholarships will be provided annually, and the Scholarship Committee will follow up on the success of the scholarship recipients.


Meet one of our recipients – Esperanza Montoya. She is pursuing her Associate Degree for Welding at CNM.


This is Dan Mitchell who is pursuing an Electrical Degree in PLC, which stands for Programable Logic Control – a skill needed in controlling buildings and houses.