Philanthropic Programs

Operation School Bell®

Elementary students in need, K-8th grade, are brought to Assistance League to “shop” for brand new clothing. They all leave with a huge bag of new clothes, wide grins and a renewed sense of confidence.

Blue Portal Gift Shop

The Blue Portal Gift Shop is known as one of the prime places to shop for gifts in Albuquerque Old Town.The Blue Portal provides senior artisans a place to sell their art and receive 100% of the moneys collected.

Kids are Pretty Special

This program provides essentials for children in crisis through the NM Children, Youth and Families Department and other nonprofits.

Partnerships Assisting Albuquerque’s Hungry and Homeless

This new program forms partnership with Albuquerque nonprofits that work with hunger and homelessness to provide such things as food, socks and other necessities.

Assault Survivor Kits

The Assault Survivor Kits program distributes clothing and other essentials for assault victims.

Buddy Bear Patrol

The Buddy Bear Patrol provides about 2,500 new teddy bears each year to children in times of crises.


The Sharing program collaborates with other nonprofit programs, in Albuquerque, which may be ongoing or a one-time project.

Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving Care provides items for cancer patients and newborns at UNM hospitals.