Hungry and Homeless Program

Assistance League of Albuquerque assists the hungry and homeless by partnering with two nonprofit organizations in Albuquerque – Silver Horizons and Healthcare for the Homeless.

What our Partners do and What Assistance League Albuquerque does

Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH)

For over three decades, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH) has served our community as the only health care organization in Central New Mexico dedicated exclusively to providing services to homeless people. AHCH provides critical services to over 7,000 men, women and children every year. By addressing the health-related causes of homelessness, AHCH makes it possible for people to find solutions to end their homelessness. Find out more about this organization at

What Assistance League Albuquerque provides

Assistance League of Albuquerque spends about $400 a month purchasing seasonal items online and the purchases are sent directly to their AHCH address. AHCH lets us know what they want and socks are always on the order – but seasonally they have other requests. In October, hand and feet warmers, warm caps and gloves were a priority in preparation for colder weather. Other months travel packs of Wet Wipes, personal items for women, baby diapers and formula, sunscreen, creams and lip gloss are requested.

Silver Horizons mission is to see low-income seniors living safe and secure, in their own homes, with enough food to eat. And many of these seniors are care-giving for the grandchildren they are raising. Silver Horizons also assists with household bills and help with minor home repairs. Three years ago, they had one food pantry serving about 70 people. Today, they have over 20 monthly Senior Food Markets serving almost 3,500 seniors and nearly 1,200 grandchildren. Find out more about this organization at

What Assistance League Albuquerque provides

Assistance League Albuquerque sends them a $400 check each month to assist in paying for the food they order from the Roadrunner Food Bank to stock their food pantries. Our check is made out to Roadrunner Food Bank.

READ MORE about what our contribution means for the seniors they serve – a letter from their Executive Director.