Popular Video Bloggers Visit Thrift Shop

Popular Vloggers the Kates stopped by our Thrift Shop

Popular video bloggers Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr of the Mr. Kate YouTube channel recently stopped by Assistance League of Hawaii’s Thrift Shop. Camera in hand, they filmed inside the Thrift Shop while on a mission to upgrade a recently purchased home on Oahu. Their trip as well as the home renovation and remodeling is featured on their June 23 videocast.

The segment on Assistance League showed Mrs. Kate looking and commenting on picture frames and other household products. Joey in the meantime found something to keep their child entertained. Assistance League of Hawaii Vice-President Mary Monohon who was working at the register that day got a chance to say a few words on their video.

The segment from the Assistance League of Hawaii portion of the episode starts at the 6:33 minute mark.

The entire video can be watched below. See where they used the stuff purchased from the Thrift Shop in their home. If you like home remodeling and decorating, be sure to subscribe to their channel if you haven’t done so.

Since its premiere in June, the episode has been seen by more than 417,960 times. The Mr. Kate videolog has more than 3.95 million subscribers.

The Kate’s visit and purchases were a great way for someone to help with Assistance League of Hawaii’s mission. The Kates also wanted to help out a local non-profit. To them we say “mahalo” and “thank you very much” for stopping by. Aloha!