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Reasons for Joining Our Legacy Society

Periodically, we are pleased to acknowledge and highlight some of our Legacy Society members.  These people have planned to include Assistance League of Long Beach in their estate plans.  The stories you will read are from the heart and encompass a wide range of reasons and passion for contributing to the long-term support of this great nonprofit organization.

Legacy Society members
Linda and Doug Drummond
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by Bonnie Dorrans

Linda Drummond first joined Assistance League of Long Beach in 1986 when CAMEO, an auxiliary made up of professional women, was just being formed.  Although she was working full-time for Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), she took on the challenge of mentoring a high school student.  Linda enjoyed being part of CAMEO but found it to be a little overwhelming at that time in her life.  As a teacher of English and history in the middle school and then a history teacher at Wilson High School, Linda was kept busy.  She had also married during these years and had taken on a family to help raise.  Assistance League would have to wait.

In 2002 Linda once again joined the league, this time becoming part of chapter.  As a member of the Heart & Soul class, she quickly began contributing all her talents to the organization.  She was a “mom” to the new class of 2006, served as recording secretary, was editor of Happy Talk, took on the chairmanship of the Philanthropic Center, and headed up Press & Public Relations, which she still does today under the heading of Marketing Communications.  She was also VP Fund Development.  Somewhere along the way she was talked into taking the presidency which she did in 2014-15.  Without doubt, she has been an invaluable member of Assistance League.

Doug Drummond served as a paratrooper before beginning his 29-year career on the Long Beach Police Department.  He earned a doctorate in criminology and has taught at USC and CSULB.  Upon his retirement from the police department, he started his political career, serving as the 3rd District councilman and vice-mayor.  He has also written two novels.  He recently spent six years on the Harbor Commission (2011-2017) as well as a term on the State Parole Board.  “With a resume like this,” he jokes, “it looks like I can’t hold a job.”

When asked which of these positions he enjoyed the most, Doug said that the Harbor Commission job could be stressful but he was surrounded by wonderful people.  “Our harbor,” he says proudly, “is a fantastic economic machine that drives our area.”

The job he felt was most relevant to his education and experience was his time spent on the State Parole Board.  “It was a difficult job in that every week there were different cases to handle, some of which were very high profile, and I had to travel all over the state, returning home only on weekends.”  “You could say,” he joked again, “in 2006 I was in and out of prison.”

Just because Linda and Doug are now retired does not mean that their lives are not busy.  Besides Assistance League work, Linda loves to read, garden, knit, and, of course, shop.  Both of them love cats.  Doug is an avid reader of history, which he finds most rewarding when they travel the world.  There are not many places that they haven’t visited.  Coming up for Linda is a trip to Japan where she once lived in 1967-68 while teaching for the Department of Defense, but before that they will both fly to Budapest and then take in the sights around the Black Sea.

The Drummonds also make regular trips to Texas to see their son Rob and his wife Katie, both assistant district attorneys in Austin, and their two grandchildren, Andrew, 9 and Claire, 7.  Their daughter, Marianne, lives in Long Beach and teaches algebra and accelerated geometry at Wilson High School.

Linda knows Assistance League of Long Beach very well, as she has spent many terms as a board member.  She and Doug have no qualms about leaving money in their will to this organization, because they know the money will be well spent to do great things for the kids of our community.  Linda, who spent many years working in a high school department made up mainly of men, said that when she retired and joined Assistance League she suddenly had the company and friendship of lots of women.  “What I loved about Assistance League of Long Beach,” she said, “is that you have the satisfaction of working for a worthy cause and you get an added bonus—the friendship of many wonderful women.”

If you are interested in learning more about Assistance League of Long Beach’s Endowment Program or Legacy Society membership, please contact Oscar Reyes, Fund Development Manager, or Annette Kashiwabara, Executive Director, at (562) 627-5650.

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