Kids on the Block is an educational puppet program for elementary school children that addresses behavioral issues they face today.  Popular programs include You’re Not the Boss of Me (Bullying), Rescue and Report, and Alternatives to Violence.Member volunteers use child-size puppets in their performances.  The puppeteers, dressed in black, become “invisible” to their audiences, enabling children to relate to the puppets as real people.  Frequently, they engage in dialogue with the puppets.

Puppet shows address significant problems: recognizing different modes of bullying; using positive actions, such as ‘words not fists’ and supporting friends; and learning methods to diffuse anger and prevent more violence.  They let children know that they are not alone and it’s OK to talk to a trusted adult.  The shows provide unique educational opportunities on topics that are current and important to positive interpersonal behaviors.

For more information about the Kids on the Block program, contact Assistance League of Long Beach office at (562) 627-5650 or