Life Members

Life membership status is open without discrimination to any member volunteer of Assistance League of Long Beach who has been a member volunteer for a minimum of ten (10) years and is current in all chapter or auxiliary obligations.  Life Members are nonvoting members of the chapter.

Life Members Auxiliary
Governing Body


Roberta Keester
2019-2020 Chairman
Life Members

Elected Positions


   Roberta Keester


    Kay Berg


    Melanie Dietz

Recording Secretary

    Sandy Wells

Corresponding Secretary

    Midgie Cahan


    May Pinkman & Lynn McCune

Reservations Co-Chairmen

    Pat Montague & Rozanne Churchill

Life Membership Status

A Life Member:

  1. Shall pay annual chapter dues.
  2. Shall not have the privilege of holding office.
  3. Shall be encouraged to support the philanthropic programs and fundraising activities of the chapter.
  4. Shall be reinstated to voting membership status upon written request to the Board.
  5. May attend chapter meetings.
  6. Shall receive the chapter newsletter, roster, bylaws, standing rules, chapter and auxiliary policies.